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Wonderful Weekend(s) in 10 EASY Steps

Posted on: February 17, 2014

What better to talk about on a MONday than … the WEEKEND! so it was with interest that I opened the Houzz article, 10 Steps to a Happier Weekend, by Laura Gaskill.


I must confess, I LOVE my home. Not per se where it is; not super far away: highway, airport, train (you get the idea), but the physical space around me: masterfully-plastered ceiling in the living room, flagged by warm pine on the walls. A picture window, flanked by two more windows that just invite-in  the welcome winter sunshine, and a lovely (but under-utilized) fireplace. One bedroom is a dazzling sprightly yellow; the other a comforting water-blue. Hardwood floors, and warm-under-foot area rugs creates a pleasing environment.

My favorite weekend – like the one just past – I’ll mention as I outline the GREAT IDEAS that Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill gives us. Let’s countdown with her, and see how many ideas we can incorporate this coming weekend!

  1. Kick Off the Weekend Right – “amen!” to putting away the work week on Friday nights.
  2. Indulge on Saturday Morning – mornings are my favorite. The sun streaming in the big window helps; a comfy chair beside the window; a pile of books and a cuppa tea beside the chair. Nirvana! This weekend was spent reading. A fascinating historical “mystery” about lost and found manuscripts; I couldn’t put the book down till I finished it Sunday night.
  3. Save Up Saturday Treats – this rather goes back to No. 2: indulge – croissants, a favorite tea, a bouquet of flowers.
  4. Schedule Serenity – give yourself a “break”. At my house, the radio plays all day – classical in the a.m., and opera in the p.m. Rather like travelling, but without having to leave my armchair.
  5. Set a Work-Home Boundary – Disconnect, or, if you must, choose “pockets of time” to do what can’t be left.
  6. Pick a Weekend High Point – this could be a home project, or maybe just dinner and a movie!
  7. Cook a Double Dinner – this one had me puzzled, until I read the commentary: in short, cook enough so you have left overs! Consider, also, cooking enough for an elderly relative, friend, or neighbor. A co-worker snowblowed for his snowed-in neighbor, a dear friend of mine, this past weekend. That was really nice to hear!
  8. Go thru a Sunday Evening Check List – nothing worst than “preparing” for the week ahead at the last possible minute. Stressful! Laura gives us a short list of things to “hit” before Sunday ends.
  9. Create (weekend) Closure – “Let yourself off the hook for ANYTHING that didn’t get done.”
  10. Set a Positive Intention for the week ahead – mine this week is looking over that pile of books (or maybe there’ll be something new in tomorrow’s mail). Happy President’s Day for those lucky enough to have a three-day weekend this week!


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